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AprilSkin Natural Cleansing Soaps

I received free samples of AprilSkin's Natural Cleansing Soaps when they first came out with their peel mask around January or February of 2020 and I've gone on to order the full size of the soaps. I have combination skin and during the day I have oily T-zone but I do feel it's been controlling the oil for me during the day.

The Original Signature soap I use in the morning to wash my face as I feel my face is not that dirty from waking up and this soap does not dry my skin at all. I then continue with my toner and SPF moisturizer for the day and I'm ready to tackle my day without spending too much time.

Before bedtime, I would use the Signature Black soap to wash off the day's dirt, grim and whatever impurities I come in contact with throughout my day. This soap have charcoal powder to give it its black color and in turn, cleans the skin even better and also doesn't dry out my skin.

If you've tried these soaps, let me know your experiences too.