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Benefits of Daily Bath or Foot Soak

Having a hard time falling sleep at night or waking up tired in the morning? You might want to try soaking in a steaming bath or simply only soaking your feet in some hot water with bath salts before bedtime.

In Eastern wellness, bath or foot soaks are regarded as a high health benefit due to that our feet is the focal point of all our internal organs and nervous system. Soaking your feet may help relieve tension and help your whole body fully relax and your blood circulation flowing, which allows for better "Chi" flow.

Studies have shown that continual foot soak before bedtime, not only does it bring more peaceful sleep during the time, it will also help to draw out detox toxins. All you need are some epsom salt or baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil and soak your feet for 20-30 minutes daily. Afterwards, just remember to replenish with a cup of warm water and off to bed. It really is that simple to start.

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