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How our Mindset Sets the Tone

I can't believe I've been working from home for the last month during this Stay-at-Home order and I'm sure you are also experiencing the same during this pandemic. I'm grateful that all my family and friends are all healthy and safe as we practice social distancing and sincerely wish you and your loved ones are doing well! Can't forget all our essential workers that are working around the clock for us as well and I salute them!

However, during this time, we are all prone to let the daily news and negativity get the best of us and that is the reason why I started my blog to hopefully bring peace of mind, hope and positivity to anyone looking for a new dose of fresh air.

I am taking this time to not only spend time with my husband and kids with quality bonding time but also to better discipline myself. Our mindset and outlook plays a crucial part in our lives that we need to master or else it will take our train of thought towards the bad instead of the good. So I will share ways on how I keep sane, especially now, and hopefully provide you some light and positive reading even if it's a few minutes a day. Thank You for following me on my journey!

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