How to Protect You and Your Family Post Covid

As the Country gear up to re-open post Covid-19 with each State's guidelines, the two most important protection for you and your family will be a facial mask and some type of hand sanitizer if you venture out anywhere going forward.

I also always keep myself updated from CDC website daily (Link: for any updates and news so I know what I need to watch out for if I plan to leave my home.

There are tons of different types of hand sanitizers to choose from in different stores so as long as you use it in lieu of soap and water while you are out and about, then you will have some protection. Zenlution came out with our own natural made to order hand sanitizers with 70% isopropyl alcohol with organic essential oils to leave your hands clean and soft. With the added oils of organic tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus, our hand sanitizer have an added layer of antiviral and antibacterial barrier to you and your family. You can also spray it on surfaces, minor cuts and scratches for disinfecting. Head to our store if you would like to try it for yourself. Please continue to keep healthy, stay safe and follow the social distancing guidelines.

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