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Self Care: Masking

I've taken up more self love and self care routines since staying in most of the time nowadays and I've noticed that I feel more energized and confident now that I'm spending more and more time

Psychologically, our minds feeds itself that "I" matter and it will focus on nourishing and de-stressing with this act of "Love" we provide to our bodies, even as simple as masking. Experts have found that good feelings can boost your ability to deal with stress, solve problems, think flexibly, and even fight disease. Taking care of your body emotionally, physically, and mentally through creating joy and satisfaction is an important part of living a positive and healthy lifestyle.

I usually put on a sheet mask or any type of mask every other day. Also, just looking at the end results after the mask comes off or the following morning glow just sets the right tone for the rest of the day. I will be reviewing some of the different types of masks I've tried on my next posts coming up so stay tuned.

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