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Want to feel happier? Start that side project you've been putting off.

A few weeks back, I visited one of my girlfriends and I fell in love with her garden. It felt so vibrant and peaceful just sitting amongst all the different types of greens and flowers. I've always wanted to have one of those beautiful and lush gardens but afraid I will somehow ruin them so I never tried.

I've been reading up on the different types of succulents and how they are actually very low maintenance. After seeing just how beautiful my friend's succulent garden is and with her words of encouragement, I've finally started my first project and planted some in my planter box in my yard. My girlfriend also gave me a few from her garden and I've been slowly adding in more myself.

I've been feeling very happy and content the last few weeks just slowly cleaning up my backyard and planting the succulents that I haven't been working on my blog as much. But now that I'm slowly taking up gardening, I came to realize that if you find something you enjoy, or a hobby, its just as important for our mindset as any other activity throughout our day. It keeps us grounded and motivated and keep our focus sharp with a more cleared outlook. So don't put off that project you've been wanting to do any longer. Your mind and health will Thank You.

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