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Who am I?

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Welcome to my space I call Zenlution. What is Zenlution and why did I start this blog, you ask?

I started my spiritual Forshang Zen Buddhism practice with my Master over 7 years ago and the question I've been pondering since I was asked that question was "Who are you?"

Even till today, I constantly ask myself the same question to find ..... Who am I? I'm sure some of you ponder the same at least once up to now. I've had the desire to help others in some way and this year with the Covid pandemic, I saw how others are feeling anxious or lost. I know all of us are here to contribute some way and mine is to guide on how to live a more positive, happy, peaceful and purposeful life.

Zenlution combines zen mindset with solutions on each aspect of our mind, body, to our soul. Built upon my own tried and tested principles I've learned along the way. With my certification in self development life and mindfulness, I hope to bring you some form of support and peace of mind on different areas of our lives. From my practice and learning, I've come to realize that our lives are all inter-connected from our health, nutrition, inner mind all the way down to our soul. For us to truly be happy and zen, all these areas must be addressed and worked through so we can ultimately be one with ourselves and our environment and all those who we associate with daily.

Thank You for coming along this journey with me as I share what I've learned and continue to learn everyday. I would love for your thoughts and questions you may have for me. Let's begin!

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